Framed Data

Retain Your Customers

Framed reduces your subscription churn by predicting when your users are about to leave.

What We Do

We take in user event data and run machine learning models to predict the future. We take care of the infrastructure, feature engineering, machine learning, and model validation so you can focus on the most important thing about your business: your users.

Identify At-Risk Users

And reach out to them before they leave.

Find New Opportunities

Identify high-value customers before they become high-value.

Make Better Decisions

Find out what keeps your users happy and what's making them leave.

The Process

Our prediction engine runs several times a day, giving you up to date predictions about future user behavior.

Data Integration

We connect with data analytics services and aggregate events into one centralized warehouse.

Feature Engineering

We automatically parse, filter, and create predictive features out of your data for our models.

Machine Learning

We run an ensemble of ML models and cross-validate them to rigorous standards.

Advanced Reports

The machine learning is complex, the product is simple: We provide advanced behavior reports on your users.

Data Export

You can also get a list of users likely to churn or upsell as a .csv export or through our export API.

End-User Value

What would you do differently with your product if you knew how your users were going to react?

Your Company is in Good Company